Logo 1.pngBelow you can download a curriculum for a five-day journey through Jesus’s parables that teach us about love. Through these iconic stories, you and your family can learn that God’s love is more valuable than anything else, that God’s love compels Him to pursue us and rejoice when we join His family, that God’s love judges based on the heart and not outward appearances, that God’s love can show up in unexpected ways and places, and that God’s love inspires us to do our best with what we are given. Formatted with an easy-to-follow interactive digital page and accompanying leader/parent guide, students will have options to select activities and lessons that are stylistically tailored to their personal preferences. Each day begins with an outer story centered around a Television Station (LOVE TV) and the people who work there. The characters struggle with real problems from real life, but through their interactions and the television programs their station provides, they learn to love the way Jesus teaches us.

LOVE TV Curriculum tutorial:

Download LOVE TV here!