If you would like to run the Co-opera-Hoods program for you own family, you can go here to download the lessons!

Co-opera-Hoods (K-6th)

Join your whole neighborhood in a cooperative, story-telling, adventure designed just for students going into K-6th grade!

On August 3 - August 7, from 9am-11am each morning, there will be small groups hosted at various locations throughout the community. The students will be able to participate in a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style story, complete with video, Bible stories, activities, and other interactive elements.

There is NO COST for anyone to participate! Just show up at your neighborhood host's chosen location and jump right in!
(We'll be sharing a map of host locations very soon!)

If you would like to sign up to be a host, be a host-helper, or help behind the scenes getting everything organized and ready to go, hit the register button below!
If you would like more details about hosting, email Dan here.

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